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Vive Plus, Eficasia & Iké Asistencia Joins Digital Commerce Alliance

Please Welcome Vive Plus, Eficasia & Iké Asistencia to Digital Commerce Alliance! 

Please join us in welcoming Vive Plus, Eficasia & Iké Asistencia to Digital Commerce Alliance!
Vive Plus –
Vive Plus is dedicated to the design, implementation and administration of rewards, CLO, and benefits programs under different schemes with national and international coverage. They were the first Company in Mexico to launch Cash Back programs (Card Linked Offers) for both debit and credit cardholders with coverage in Mexico and the United States.
Eficasia –
Eficasia is a branch of Iké Grupo Empresarial, a multinational assistance company with over 30 years of service and presence in Argentina, Colombia, Brazil and Mexico. Eficasia operates Contact Centers since 2005 and are generating efficient processes, immediate responses and maximizing technology to achieve and surpass their client’s expectations.
Iké Asistencia –
Similar to AAA, Iké Asistencia is a company with over 30 years of experience in the industry, working 24/7 offering different solutions to their users, like medical support, home improvement services, road assistance, legal advice, wellness programs, travel protection and much more. Currently, they provide more than 1.9 million services per year to 42.6 million users in 4 different countries.

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