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Emerging best practices challenge status quo. Listen in and learn.

When it comes to data personalization, transparency, security, and interoperability, it pays to stay on top of the latest consumer data financial data best practices, including:

  • Letting consumers opt-in before their data is shared.
  • Giving them the ability to pause participation in subscription-based loyalty programs when the need arises.
  • Enabling them to benefit more directly from the information about them accessed by advertisers and others.

If you’ve been weighing these and other emerging best practices, we invite you to join your industry peers for an insightful online conference, Tuesday, May 17.

Learn first-hand what senior execs from Discover, TransUnion VantageScore, Collinson Valuedynamx, Cardlytics and Pentadata have to say about emerging trends in data personalization, transparency, security and interoperability. Get insights you need, share some of yours—and forge the professional relationships that will help you stay abreast of rapidly changing industry norms. Register now or Reach out with questions.

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