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PRESS RELEASE: NYCE Payments Network and Sentral, LLC to Provide Access to Debit Card Transactions for Card Linked Offers

By June 26, 2019January 28th, 2021No Comments
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NYCE Payments Network, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of FIS, and Sentral, LLC, a card-linked processing gateway for debit transactions, announced today the signing of an agreement to provide access to NYCE debit transactions to the growing card-linked offer (CLO) marketplace. By July 1st, 2019, CLO publishers will have access to the integration to NYCE and a large, growing segment of the debit card purchase transactions in the U.S.

“NYCE is a leading proponent for advancing the U.S. debit network community’s ability to participate in the rapidly expanding CLO market,” said Mladen Vladic, General Manager of FIS’ Loyalty Division, and Cardlinx Board member. “Working closely with Sentral, we built an enabling infrastructure from which NYCE, all debit networks, CLO publishers and most importantly consumers will benefit; an offering which is closely aligned with FIS’ loyalty solutions. The immediate value to NYCE cardholders is a consistent redemption experience which will stimulate debit card usage.”

With CLO technology, consumers are enabled to enroll their debit card in a digital account and receive targeted digital offers at participating merchants. Consumers do not need to present membership cards or promo codes to earn or redeem CLO loyalty currency. This represents a significant next step towards the goal of providing universal access to debit card transactions for publishers and program managers utilizing CLO technology. The NYCE application will match the merchant and cardholder transactions so cardholders can receive card-linked offers when merchants route transactions via NYCE.

“We are excited to move forward with NYCE as our first integration with the debit networks in the U.S.,” said Steven VanFleet, President and CEO of Sentral. “Work is underway to have multiple publishers live on the Sentral platform over the next 90 days putting us well down the path to our goal of providing ubiquitous coverage”.


NYCE Payments Network®, LLC (NYCE), a wholly owned subsidiary of FIS™, is a leading U.S. debit payments network. NYCE is distinguished by a long-standing culture of thought leadership, evidenced by product innovation and operational excellence. The highest order strategic objective is to continue to find and deliver new meaningful revenue opportunities for NYCE Network participants.  For more information about NYCE and FIS, visit and

Sentral, LLC is working with debit networks both in the US and abroad to provide a single point of integration for CLO program providers, creating technical and operational efficiencies for both networks and program providers and enabling the acceleration of support for debit cards in CLO.

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