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Hummingbird Standard Revealed

By July 31, 2017January 28th, 2021No Comments
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Reporting Dashboard and Attribution Metrics

For many CMOs and advertisers, providing the return on investment (ROI) of a marketing campaign is the gold standard. The Hummingbird Standard provides consistent reporting metrics to allow marketers, merchants, and issuers to measure the success of card-linked programs with a common industry language. The standard also provides an advanced analytical framework, including incremental and long-term customer value measurements, to assist advertisers in measuring and assessing program efficiency.

Problem Definition

Merchants and advertisers currently lack standard metrics to assess the e ectiveness of their card-linked o er campaigns and loyalty programs. Di erent vendors and publishers o er non- comparable metrics that severely limit the accurate assessment of card-linked programs.


Hummingbird focuses on three key reporting areas:

Base Reporting Requirements

The “core” of card-linked reporting, the Base Reporting Requirements outlines the minimum information that should be reported to advertisers. Base reporting should be used by all program providers for standardization of industry reporting/vernacular and advertisers to monitor campaign performance.


Created to demonstrate the incremental value of campaign performance, Hummingbird’s incrementality reporting format allows program providers to demonstrate the value of the campaign to advertisers in a test-vs.-control methodology. Advertisers should use incrementality reporting to gauge campaign performance not only in the card-linked ecoysystem, but also for comparative purposes against other advertising media ROI.

Changes in Spend

Meant to demonstrate the change in spend behavior of consumers who redeem a card-linked offer, the Change in Spend dashboard demonstrates pre vs. post customer spend behavior. The Changes in Spend dashboard should be used by advertisers to measure long-term ROI of card-linked offers.

Working Group

The CardLinx member work group that established the Hummingbird Standard includes:

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