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E-Linx: Issue No. 83 – November 2020

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Google Pay over Ben Franklin

Google Pay Relaunches With Card-Linked Offers

A redesigned Google Pay was launched this month. Available in the US on Android and iOS, the updated app expands the payments and commerce ecosystem across a broader range of platforms, devices and payment types. The multinational tech company also announced plans to offer smart banking via FI partnerships. The changes are being made to give consumers more control over their transactions.

CardLinx Insight

Consumer demand for a more streamlined way to track spending, take advantage of offers and manage their money prompted the moves. Google is taking a leadership role in addressing a fragmented financial ecosystem, giving users more insight and control into their transactions.

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Coronavirus in lab test

Collinson Plays Key Role In Covid-19 Traveler Testing Trial In UK

CardLinx member Collinson launched a service at London’s Heathrow airport enabling passengers arriving from the US to get a free Covid-19 test. A negative result eliminates the government-imposed 14-day quarantine requirement for travelers arriving in the UK on select airlines from select US cities.

CardLinx Insight

Collinson is built around delivering meaningful experiences for its clients’ customers—in this case for passengers of American Airlines, British Airways and the oneworld alliance of airlines. The company delivers services to travelers i.e. hospitality, medical, insurance and security—and its programs increase the value of loyalty and rewards programs. The newly announced free coronavirus testing, started on Nov. 25, provides the convenience and confidence needed for the travel sector to recover.

Data Protection stock image

California Passes New Data Privacy Measures

Proposition 24, also known as the California Privacy Rights and Enforcement Act of 2020, passed. The new law protects sensitive consumer financial data, allowing consumers to request personal information not be shared; requiring businesses to get permission before collecting data from consumers younger than 16; and requiring businesses to correct data inaccuracies upon request. Prop 24 also creates an agency responsible for enforcing the rules, the California Privacy Protection Agency.

CardLinx Insight

The provisions passed easily, reflecting rising consumer demand for more control over personal financial data. The CardLinx Association’s groundbreaking industry data transparency principles, published in 2019, are reflected in the new legislation and reflect the current best practices of current CardLinx Member companies. Separately, the US Federal Consumer Protection Bureau announced in October that it’s developing new regulations for consumer privacy, further evidence of a groundswell of demand for privacy measure.

Ant Group Stock Image of Building

Largest Fin-Tech IPO Stopped By China

The world’s largest initial public offering has been disqualified by Chinese regulatory agencies. Fin-tech giant Ant Financial Group’s controlling shareholder Jack Ma and two other top executives got the news from Chinese regulators. As a result, The Shanghai Stock Exchange suspended the IPO, which was scheduled for Nov. 5th. A concurrent Hong Kong listing will also be suspended. The halted IPO was scheduled to raise nearly $40 billion and value the company at over $250 billion.

CardLinx Insight

Amidst a turbulent economy and a challenging tech/trade war with the USA, the Chinese government is taking a more assertive role in policing technology companies in China, particularly in fin-tech. The startling news of the halted IPO comes amid increasing concern about the data and market power of Ant Financial and its mobile payments network Alipay in the Chinese economy. Both are now part of Ant Group, an affiliate of Alibaba Group and were founded just six years ago.

Fintech Friday Episode 37

Fin-Tech’s Secret Solution to Employee Engagement

Scott Burke, Director of Innovation at Edenred, discusses how card-linked engagement solutions is the secret to employee satisfaction.

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Speaker | Kirsty Rankin, Senior Vice President of Product Development, Data and Services | at Mastercard. 

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