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E-Linx: Issue No. 82 – October 2020

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FIsphone logo

FIS Launches Walgreens On Pay With Points

CardLinx member FIS today announced the addition of Walgreens to the growing list of merchants and retailers using Premium Payback, FIS’ real-time rewards redemption network. Starting this month, Walgreens’ customers with eligible payment cards will be able to tap into their credit card rewards points in real-time to pay for in-store purchases.

CardLinx Insight

Look for FIS to continue to lead the industry in delivering relevant, real-time point-of-sale consumer engagement opportunities. Under the leadership of Mladen Vladic, GM of the loyalty division of FIS and CardLinx Association board member, thousands of FIs representing more than 7,000 card loyalty programs have enrolled in the FIS Premium Payback ecosystem benefiting 37 million eligible cardholders.

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Sentral Acquired By PNC Fintech Incubator numo

PNC’s fintech incubator acquired CardLinx member Sentral, a debit card linking gateway. Sentral works with debit networks to provide a single point of integration for card-linked offer (CLO) providers, creating technical and operational efficiencies for all parties.

CardLinx Insight

The acquisition gives Sentral the resources and market presence needed to continue to develop and deliver single-source debit gateway functionality to advance the CLO industry. PNC’s strong relationships in retail and banking; numo’s research design, development, sales and marketing capabilities; and Sentral’s CLO expertise (with Founder Steve VanFleet continuing to serve at the helm) are a winning combination.

TDBank logo

Plaid Sued By TD Bank

TD Bank accused data aggregator Plaid of trademark infringement and false advertising. A lawsuit filed Oct. 14 alleges Plaid uses the bank name and its trademarks unlawfully to make its fintech customers believe its login page is part of the bank’s trusted and secure platform.

CardLinx Insight

This isn’t the first time Plaid’s been accused of questionable practices. The allegations undermine industry efforts to instill confidence among consumers. Innovations by the majority of fintech companies make transactions more convenient and rewarding, but they’re being undermined by the actions of a few.


Fintech Friday Podcast Episode 33

Hype or Reality? AI and Personalized Offers

Omar Rafii, Co-Founder and CEO of Krowd, discusses AI, hyper-personalization of card-linked offers and super apps.

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CardLinx Meet-Ups

Curated 1:1 Video Meeting Among Webinar and Forum Attendees

CardLinx Meet-Ups is an opportunity to privately network one-on-one with another company attending the meeting. CardLinx Meet-Ups is available at all CardLinx online conferences and webinars. Please make sure to send all networking preferences to to [email protected] no later than Friday, January 8th for the next webinar and Friday, February 19th for CardLinx Europe.

Member Updates

edenred logo

We welcome Edenred to The CardLinx Association!

Edenred’s leading services and payments platform connects 50 million employees and 2 million partner merchants in 46 countries via more than 850,000 corporate clients. With specific-purpose payment solutions for food (meal vouchers), mobility (fuel cards, commuter vouchers) and incentives (gift vouchers), Edenred enhances employees’ purchasing power and employers’ hiring abilities—and strengthens local economies. For more information, visit

pnc logo

We welcome PNC Bank’s numo/Sentral to The CardLinx Association!

Referred to as a debit card linking gateway, PNC Bank’s numo/Sentral works with debit networks to provide a single point of integration for card linked offer program providers, creating technical and operational efficiencies for both networks and CLO program providers and enabling the acceleration of support for debit cards in CLO programs. For more information, visit


We welcome Krowd to The CardLinx Association!

Krowd enables retailers to define, bid, and deliver hyper-personalized offers to consumers at scale. The company’s approach introduces a new revenue stream for banks, supported by on-premise deployments and performance-orientated metrics. Benefits include up to 75% reduction in customer churn; up to 18% increase in consumer spend, and a 30X ROI on ad spend. For more information, visit

Upcoming Conferences

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The Future of Payments is Contactless


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Tuesday, April 13, 2021 | Via Zoom

Commerce Reinvented: The Future of Digital Shopping


CardLinx West Forum

Wednesday, April 28, 2021 | via Zoom

Mobile Wallets and CLO in 2021


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CardLinx Commerce Tracker

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