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E-Linx: Issue No. 81 – September 2020

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2020 digital commerce and CLO annual study image

New CLO Industry Data Shows Strong Growth Despite Pandemic

The CardLinx Association released industry data revealing the latest trends in digital commerce and card-linked offers or “CLO”. Based on input from fin-tech, ad-tech and merchant leaders worldwide, the global trade association’s 2020 findings show significant industry growth, including a 40% increase in the share of advertising budgets devoted to card-linking.

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Klarna on mobile device

Private Equity Firm Invests $650 Million in Klarna

CardLinx member Klarna, a Swedish payments company, boosted by the shift to e-commerce brought on by the pandemic, has raised $650 million from a Silver Lake-led investment group. With presence in Europe, the UK, the US, Canada and Australia, Klarna will leverage the investment to continue global expansion and develop new offerings.

CardLinx Insight

Klarna was the first to capitalize on Millennials’ preference to not carry credit card debt and at the same time not expose themselves to risk associated with debit cards. Klarna appeals to these consumers by allowing them to pay in interest-free installments and giving them opportunity to try before they buy.

WeChat And American Flag

WeChat Ban in US Could Shake Up Payments Industry in Both US and China

Trump’s attempt to ban WeChat transactions in the US based on concerns about the Chinese government’s ability to collect data from consumers in the US could have major repercussions within the mobile payments industries in both countries.

CardLinx Insight

If the restriction on WeChat Pay’s execution of its cross border strategy goes into effect as anticipated, it will significantly impact the company’s international expansion plans. China is likely to retaliate by limiting US firms’ (i.e. American Express, PayPal and Mastercard) hard-won ability to do business there.

Tiffany & Co Entrance

Tiffany’s $16 Billion Sale Falls Apart

The parent company of CardLinx member 24S of the LVMH Group, the world’s largest luxury retailer, is ending its planned takeover of Tiffany & Company. The government of France requested the deal be delayed on Aug. 31 because of a threat of U.S. tariffs on French goods, as well as coronavirus concerns.

CardLinx Insight

The souring of this deal is an example not just of trade tensions, but also of the significant impact of the pandemic on in-store luxury retailers. A big part of the value of Tiffany is its empire of posh retail stores in the world’s leading commercial centers. Many of those brick-and-mortar destinations are now shuttered and the Tiffany business model looks more like a liability than an asset.

Fin-tech Friday Episode 28

Card-linking: Emerging as the Preferred Digital Advertising Channel

Campbell Shaw, Head of Bank Partnerships at Cardlytics, discusses the growth of card-linking and how CLO will be used to drive more holiday spending, especially in e-commerce.

CardLinx members include the largest and most innovative companies in fin-tech, payments, retail, ecommerce and mobile wallets. Members include Microsoft, Samsung, Rakuten, UBS, RBC, Mastercard, Discover, Collinson, FIS, LVMH-24S, Hilton, Fidel, Augeo and many more in 17 countries and 4 continents.

We are bringing their insights from around the world straight to you in an informative new podcast called Commerce Code. The podcast features insights, interviews and the latest news from CardLinx members around the world. Stay connected and subscribe to Commerce Code.

Webinar Series with Dosh

CardLinx Forum February Webinar

“The Future is Frictionless for Consumers and Merchants – The Keys to Rewards Success”

Ryan Wuerch | Founder and CEO of Dosh

October 20, 2020

9AM – 1015AM PST

Dosh CEO Ryan Wuerch joins CardLinx CEO Silvio Tavares to take a deep dive into how everyone in the ecosystem – financial institutions, brands, and customers – benefits from a frictionless rewards experience.

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