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E-Linx: Issue No. 72 – December 2019

By December 18, 2019January 28th, 2021No Comments
Harvey Nichols Storefront

Luxury Retailers Boosts Revenue 34% with Card-Linking

Leading card issuers, financial institutions, retailers, and marketing and card-link technology innovators came together at CardLinx Europe in London this month to share industry insights. Execs from FIS, Discover, Harvey Nichols, Fidel and Collinson discussed how technology is facilitating online-to-offline commerce. Leaders from Mastercard, Carte-Bancaires, Groupon, Rakuten–and more–participated.

CardLinx Insight

Luxury retailers are increasingly embracing card-linking to create consumer loyalty and boost sales. In a keynote, Carolina Paradas-Mandato, global affiliate marketing manager for Harvey Nichols, detailed the organization’s online-to-offline commerce metrics, including a 15% market share increase and 34% revenue increase on a weekly basis. Representatives from 24S, LVMH’s online ecommerce platform, have had similar success since adopting a card-linked marketing approach.

Upcoming CardLinx Conferences

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March 10, 2020 | Tokyo, Japan

New commerce technologies and regulations have begun to radically transform the face of consumer experiences across all markets. This conference brings together the leading digital companies, banks, card-linked technology companies, payment processors, and payment networks from the largest and most innovative commerce markets in Asia. Come hear from these companies on the future of online to offline commerce.

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Card-Linking: Why 8 of 10 Top U.S. Banks Do It

Trust is the banking industry’s new competitive differentiator, according to a recent AP article. CardLinx members Cardlytics and Augeo are helping U.S. banks capitalize on their trusted client relationships. How? By providing analytics that let them provide card-linked offers tailored to consumer-specific spending. The article quotes CardLinx Association President Silvio Tavares: “Banks have the secret weapon in that they actually know what we spend money on.”

CardLinx Insight

Unlike Facebook and Google, which use search or web visit data to target offers, financial institutions (i.e. Bank of America and American Express) use actual spending data to serve up relevant, actionable offers. Consumers are responding positively, which is one not-surprising reason eight of the top 10 U.S. banks now have card-linking programs in place.

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Partisan Bickering Stalls U.S. Data Privacy Bill

Congress has yet to agree on how to approach a federal data privacy bill. Opposing drafts, one by Sen. Roger Wicker (R-Miss.) and the other by Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.), were dropped prior to a scheduled 12/4/19 hearing. Key splits between parties include whether a national law can override state laws and whether individuals can take legal action against companies they believe violated their rights.

CardLinx Insight

While federal lawmakers intended to come to consensus months ago, it’s doubtful at this point due to impeachment hearings and other partisan priorities. California’s privacy bill is set to take effect on Jan. 1, 2020, and as most of the largest tech companies are headquartered in the state, it’s likely to become the law of the land if the Senate Commerce Committee does not come to an agreement in the next 10 days.

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Member Updates

We Welcome Fanbank to The CardLinx Association

Fanbank’s next generation commerce software adds personalization to credit and debit card payments. Personalizing increases business profits by 25%. But marketers and business owners are bogged down with high friction payments and communications infrastructure that prevent them from fluidly and frequently launching personalized offer campaigns. Fanbank’s software,, adds a full stack solution to MasterCard, Visa and American Express APIs providing a game changer for small business owners, franchisors, chains and major retailers as well as the acquirers and issuers who serve them. Fanbank was launched in 2017 by Mitch Jacobs, Founder and former CEO of Ondeck (NYSE: ONDK). Please visit for more information.

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