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Digital Commerce Alliance Launches in Silicon Valley

Board member companies include Microsoft, Discover, FIS, Rakuten and TransUnion among others

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SAN FRANCISCO (Jan. 28, 2021)—The CardLinx Association today announced the launch of the Digital Commerce Alliance (DCA) ( DCA is a global trade association focused on driving the future of digital commerce by promoting collaboration, education and technology standards in the areas of commerce, card-linking, mobile wallets and financial data. The CardLinx Association, the pre-eminent card-linking association founded in 2014, will operate as a division of DCA under the brand name CardLinx Forum ( alongside two additional divisions, the Mobile Wallet Forum and the Financial Data Forum

“We are pleased to formalize CardLinx’s long standing and multi-industry leadership in card-linking, as well as mobile wallets and financial data, by expanding the association to meet the growing needs of digital commerce leaders worldwide,” said Silvio Tavares, founder of the CardLinx Association and president and CEO of Digital Commerce Alliance. “By leveraging our existing base of members and services around the globe, we will keep the best of CardLinx and also forge ahead with new technologies that are increasingly central to all forms digital commerce.”

The DCA board of directors is comprised of global leaders from digital commerce companies including Microsoft, Rakuten, Discover, FIS, TransUnion, Collinson, Augeo/Figg and Fidel. Other prominent DCA member companies include Bank of America, UBS, Mastercard, Samsung, LVMH/24S and Hilton among others in over 10 countries and four continents.

Mladen Vladic, general manager of the FIS loyalty division and a DCA board member said, “FIS is excited to be working alongside fellow DCA board members to help shape the future of digital commerce by collaborating in the adoption of industry education and technology standards—something that will surely benefit businesses and consumers alike after years of increased digital adoption.”

Microsoft’s Neal Bernstein, another DCA board member, concurred: “Microsoft wholeheartedly supports the efforts of the Digital Commerce Alliance and the Financial Data Forum, specifically in its efforts to drive the future of trade. Consumers having control of how their data, and certainly their financial data, is used for their benefit is an important initiative for the industry.”

“The evolution of CardLinx has been remarkable,” said David Kristal, Augeo’s founder and CEO and a DCA board member. “The organization has garnered widespread interest and enthusiastic participation from leading companies across industry segments and around the world. Expanding the focus beyond card-linking to include mobile wallets and financial data provides a deeper pool of information and insight to share with members.”

The Digital Commerce Alliance includes three distinct divisions, each with a best-practices digital commerce focus that will be rolled out over the course of 2021:

1) CardLinx Forum drives interoperability and the elimination of friction in the card-linking and card-linked offers industry

2) Mobile Wallet Forum advances collaborative partnerships for the next generation of mobile commerce

3) Financial Data Forum promotes standardization and best practices for financial data transparency, security and interoperability

DCA’s motto is Trade for Good. “Our motto sums up our mission in three simple words,” Tavares said. “We are a trade association vested in driving the future of commerce, or trade, by making it a better, more friction-free experience for all parties, including consumers.”

DCA provides member services including digital commerce forums, curated partner introductions, podcasts—plus news and industry research. DCA, CardLinx Forum and Mobile Wallet Forum will host conferences beginning in the first half of 2021 with Financial Data Forum launching in the 4th quarter of 2021. Each of the subsidiary divisions offer a host of programs pertaining to their focus, including online/in-person collaborative conferences, interactive webinars, and access to best-practices education, technical certification, and technical standards work groups. Become a member. Sign up to attend our next event.


The Digital Commerce Alliance advances data-driven commerce by enabling innovative and measurable consumer experiences through standards, collaboration and technologies including card-linking, financial data and mobile wallets. DCA was created by the CardLinx Association (now the CardLinx Forum), the premier, multi-industry trade association founded in 2014 with the mission to promote online-to-offline (O2O) commerce and card-linking worldwide. To learn more or to become a member of DCA or its affiliate divisions, CardLinx Forum, Mobile Wallet Forum and Financial Data Forum, visit

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