DCA London Roundtable

Wednesday, December 13th | 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM | London, UK

Hosted by Collinson-Valuedynamx

On December 13th, DCA will gather fifteen leaders in European digital commerce, loyalty and card-linking at the London headquarters of Collinson-Valuedynamx. The roundtable will focus on shared challenges in UK and European digital commerce, and the agenda will be refined through interviews with each participant in advance of the session. Planned areas of emphasis include:

  • Sharpening the merchant value proposition for CLO. One of the major challenges in digital commerce is getting retailers to commit to the value of rich digital loyalty and rewards platforms like card-linked offers. How can the CLO ecosystem create a powerful value proposition for merchants/retailers in the UK and Continent?
  • Creating the omnichannel experience. How can the CLO, tech, marketing and financial services sectors work with merchants to create the omnichannel experience for customers? We will discuss current and planned approaches in loyalty and rewards.
  • Data collaboration in digital commerce. What are the best ways to bring together diverse customer data to deliver better-tailored offers? We will consider clean rooms, AI options, federated learning and other techniques to use data to increase customer engagement.

Registration Information

If you are interested in attending the London Roundtable, reach out to Rebecca@digcomall.org.

Attending Companies