DCA-CardLinx Toronto Roundtable

June 19th, 2024 |1:30pm to 4:00pm ET | Toronto, CA

The Evolving Merchant Value Proposition For Card-Linked Rewards

DCA-CardLinx will host a roundtable conversation in downtown Toronto on the afternoon of June 19th, with timing arranged to accommodate those who are attending the Collision Conference taking place in Toronto on June 17th-20th.  The roundtable will be a managed discussion, with each participant interviewed in advance to contribute to the agenda.  The topic space we envision includes:

  • How will the merchant value proposition for rewards and loyalty programs evolve with new technological changes?
  • Which aspects of merchant value could be most improved by new/better technology?
  • How can merchants incentivize re-spending the reward with them?
  • What types of rewards (e.g., frequent purchase, cumulative spend rewards, SKU-specific) work for which incentives?
  • How can the industry give merchants more control over their rewards?
  • What is the role of CLO in the next generation of engagement, loyalty and rewards?

Registration Information

If you are interested in attending the Toronto Roundtable, reach out to [email protected].