DCA-CardLinx DC Roundtable

May 15th, 2024 |11:30am to 4:30pm ET

Charting the Future of Card-Linked Offers and Rewards

DCA-CardLinx will host a roundtable conversation on the Georgetown Waterfront in Washington, D.C. on the afternoon of May 15th.  The roundtable will be a managed discussion of industry issues; each participant will be interviewed in advance to contribute to the agenda. Potential topics include:

  • What technology innovations do you believe are most changing CLO now? What unrealized innovations may have great potential?
  • What legal or regulatory changes may affect how CLO works – e.g., data privacy, open banking requirements, etc.?
  • How are CLO’s applications evolving? Is there emerging potential for creating more value in loyalty, rewards, or other spaces using CLO?
  • How can the merchant value proposition for CLO be improved?
  • What new entrants into CLO do you see – or expect?

Registration Information

If you are interested in attending the Toronto Roundtable, reach out to [email protected].