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2021 Top 20 Women in Digital Commerce 

The Digital Commerce Alliance (DCA) is pleased to announce this year’s list of the Top 20 Women in Digital Commerce. These exceptional executives are being recognized for outstanding leadership and achievement in our industry.
As a membership organization advancing innovative approaches in digital commerce—retailing, fintech, digital advertising, mobile payments, banking, card-linked offers, and loyalty—DCA recognizes that now more than ever, women executives are leading the charge.
This year’s top 20 women in digital commerce (listed in alphabetical order):
  • Peggy Marie Alford, EVP, Global Sales, PayPal
  • Beverly Anderson, President, Global Consumer Solutions, Equifax
  • Jennifer Bailey, Vice President, Internet Services, Apple Pay, Apple
  • Cheesan Chew, COO, RBC Ventures
  • Pauline Dollé-Labbé, CMO, 24S-LVMH
  • Nata Dvir, Chief Merchandising Officer, Macy’s
  • Hannah Fitzsimons, EVP, GM Europe, Elavon
  • Jasma Ghai, VP, Global Products & Delivery, Discover
  • Lynne Laube, CEO, Co-Founder, Cardlytics
  • Denise Leonhard, Chief Commercial Officer, Venmo
  • Manju Malhotra, CEO, Harvey Nichols
  • Kathryn McLay, President, CEO, Sam’s Club
  • Glenda McNeal, President, Enterprise Strategic Partnerships, American Express
  • Jill Moser, SVP, Loyalty Innovation & Platforms Partnerships, Bank of America
  • Sheryl Pflaum, President, Americas, Collinson
  • Raj Seshadri, President, Data and Services, Mastercard
  • Cara Sylvester, EVP, Chief Marketing and Digital Officer, Target
  • Debra Taylor, Co-Founder, COO, OpenSparkz
  • Erin Warren, GM, Rakuten Card-Linked Offer Network, Rakuten
  • Susan Diane Wojcicki, CEO, YouTube
This is the third year women leaders in the digital commerce industry have been honored by DCA/CardLinx. Eleven of the 20 on this year’s list were recognized in 2020. Please join me in congratulating this class of winners.

Mastercard’s Finicity Signs Open Banking Data Agreement With Pentadata

In less than one week, DCA member company Pentadata, Inc. disclosed a second major open banking data agreement with fellow DCA member company Mastercard and its Finicity division. The partnership enables developers to create platforms that both respect consumers’ privacy and optimize program benefits—giving consumers control.

DCA Insight:

This announcement and the one prior show Pentadata has achieved its goal of providing multiple, redundant access to substantially all bank accounts and payment card financial data in North America through secure API-based connections to banks, payment networks, payment processors, and data platforms. Getting consumers’ permission to access their data; making opt-out easy; and not storing financial information are core tenets of the new partnerships—forged to counter the widespread, unauthorized access of consumer usernames and passwords through screen scraping.

Nasdaq’s Plan To Require Board Diversity Approved by SEC

With the goal to increase the representation of women, racial minorities and those who identify as LGBTQ+ on US corporate boards, the Securities and Exchange Commission approved a new policy. The rule requires that the nearly 3,000 companies listed on Nasdaq have on their boards at least one woman and one person who self-identifies as a racial minority, or as a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

DCA Insight:

It’s estimated more than three-quarters of listed companies will need to make changes to comply, making this move to encourage board diversity in the US all the more momentous—and likely to influence other markets (i.e. China and Hong Kong’s) to follow suit. DCA has long supported efforts to make public company boardrooms more diverse, working in partnership with Equilar to enable members with a track record of executive experience and board service to be included in Equilar’s Diversity Network, recognized as a leading technology solution for identifying board talent.

Using Credit Cards is Costing More

Shoppers are increasingly being charged fees for using credit cards, the Wall Street Journal reported. While only 5% of the 8 million card-accepting businesses in the US charge fees to consumers who use a credit card, the percentage is rising. Five years ago the percentage was just 2%.

DCA Insight:

The fees are being charged to offset costs charged to businesses by the card companies, which in turn pay for cash-back and travel rewards. The recent uptick can be attributed to Covid-19 as businesses search for ways to recoup lost revenue in the early months of the pandemic. Rewarding customers for using debit cards or cash, or passing along the fees by the credit card issues to consumers, is the course many businesses will increasingly take to hold onto what in many cases are already slim margins.

EPISODE 75: The Future of Consumer Spending – What’s Next for Digital Merchant Loyalty

This week on Commerce Code we speak with Cary Lockwood, Chief Executive Officer of Loyalty Now, about what comes next in retail from down under. Loyalty Now is a leading provider of loyalty and card-linked offer services to leading retailers in Australia, the Pacific, and the U.S.
Digital Commerce Alliance members include the largest and most innovative companies in fintech, payments, retailing, e-commerce and mobile wallets. Members include Microsoft, Samsung, Rakuten, UBS, RBC, Mastercard, Discover, FIS, LVMH-24S, Hilton, Fidel, Augeo, Collinson and many more in 17 countries and 4 continents.
We bring their insights from around the world straight to you in an informative new podcast called Commerce Code. The podcast features insights, interviews and the latest news from DCA members around the world. Stay connected and subscribe to Commerce Code.

CardLinx Forum September Webinar

Bits of Stock: Fractional Ownership and The Next Generation of Asset Classes

Wednesday, September 22nd | 9:00am – 10:00am PST

Cashback, points, and discounts linked to payment cards are effective ways to drive sales and loyalty. Now a new rewards category is incenting consumers to buy—stocks. Fractional stock rewards let buyers “own” the brands they love, enabling them to grow their wealth, and earn dividends, risk-free. Learn more about how fintech innovation continues to find new ways to drive the customer experience in personal, positive ways.

Speakers | Arash Asady, Chief Executive Officer – Bits of Stock

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