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Google Postpones Plans to Remove Cookies to Late 2023

Google’s plan to remove web-tracking cookies from Chrome has generated discord among the competition, regulators, privacy zealots, and the digital-media industry. In response, the Alphabet Inc. unit announced its browser Chrome would delay plans to stop supporting user-tracking technology (third-party cookies) from early 2022 to late 2023 to understand implications better.
DCA Insight
The initial announcement to eliminate cookies was welcome news to privacy advocates concerned with protecting users’ data; many now view the delay as Google’s attempt to maintain its prominent role in advertising technology for as long as possible. Look for increased pressure from both sides—the government—to get their way.

DCA Member Collinson Signs Largest US Bank Chase for Airport Lounges

JPMorgan Chase is introducing travelers to a new airport lounge: Chase Sapphire Lounge® by The Club. Built and managed by DCA Member Collinson’s Airport Dimensions, this new loyalty offering will elevate the travel experience with a fresh approach to airport lounges. The new lounges will be announced in select US markets over time.

DCA Insight

Domestic US travel has rebounded more sharply than predicted. With more travel comes more commerce spending. JPMorgan Chase, the largest bank in the US, is betting big that travel and loyalty spending go hand in hand.

Visa Acquiring Swedish Open Platform Tink

The largest credit card company in the world, Visa, announced its plan to acquire Tink, a consumer-empowering open banking platform, and APIs, for $2.1 billion. The announcement comes after Visa backed out of a $3.5 billion deal to buy Plaid, a Silicon Valley fin-tech, in the wake of a DOJ antitrust investigation. Tink will retain its brand.

DCA Insight:

Visa’s motivation behind the new move to acquire the Stockholm-based fin-tech is to foster innovation and empower consumers to support Europe’s open banking goals. The acquisition supports the EU’s new Payment Services Directives (PSD2). Mandating banks facilitate data access to third-party financial management platforms, meeting the growing demand worldwide by consumers to control how and where they share their financial data.

Largest US Companies Boosted Numbers of Black & Latino Board Directors

This spring, S&P 500 companies tripled the share of new directors who are Black and more than doubled the share who are Latino, according to a recent article in the WSJ. Approximately 75% of the new directors are women, or belong to a racial or ethnic minority, up from 60% last year and 31% 10 years ago. Now, a third of the S&P board members are Black (compared with 11% the previous year) and 7% Latino (up from 3% last year).

DCA Insight:

While nearly 80% of the companies’ board seats are filled by white directors, and about 70% by men, the recent uptick in diversity and inclusion at the board level is positive. Opening boardroom doors to those with varied skills, backgrounds and experiences is good news for our society, reflecting recognition of the benefits of a Commerce with a Conscience best practice mindset.

EPISODE 67: Big Banking’s New Love Affair with Fin-Techs

This week on Commerce Code we speak with Farrell Hudzik, Executive Vice President, Financial Institutions at Cardlytics, about why fin-techs and banks are increasingly seen as two sides of the same coin.
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