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Apps and Advertisers Look for New Ways to Target Users: Apple Ads

As Apple makes it harder to target iPhone users with ads, industry players weigh various responses, including updating payment models and devising new advertising techniques. Apple’s changes to its iPhone software are to protect consumer privacy, letting users decide whether or not they want their activity tracked via their mobile devices.
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The announcement by Apple is part of a growing trend toward consumer autonomy and privacy. Giving consumers control over their data via opt-in puts them in charge—and lets them get direct benefit from information about their search history and buying behavior. Taking power out of the hands of gaming companies, social media and ad-tech providers puts consumers in the driver’s seat. Watch for more developments in consumers’ favor within our industry.

DCA Member Cardlytics to Acquire Bridg

Advertising platform and DCA member Cardlytics announced it is acquiring customer data platform Bridg. Once integrated, Bridg’s SKU-level insights will empower marketers to understand better, target and engage consumers. The transaction is valued at approximately $350 million. This announcement comes just weeks after Cardlytics’ acquisition of transaction-based advertising platform Dosh was completed.
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Since its founding, Cardlytics has focused on providing a broad view into consumer spending with a detailed understanding of a customer’s individual project preferences. With the incorporation of Bridg’s SKU-level data into the mix, marketers will have the ability to deliver even more reach. Both organizations are known for their commitment to a privacy-first approach. This most recent move has the potential to revolutionize the industry.

Luxury Retail Sales Surge and Benefit DCA Member LVMH, World’s Largest Upscale Retailer

Defying the pandemic’s drag on the economy worldwide, DCA Member company LMVH 24S is experiencing strong sales and driving record-high share prices across the luxury goods sector. LVMH is the world’s largest luxury company and includes brands such as Louis Vuitton and Tiffany’s.
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LVMH has long been considered the bellwether of the luxury segment. The recently reported uptick reflects the demand for luxury goods in the US and China, where accelerated vaccination efforts have gathered steam. The surge in luxury spending also demonstrates how the pandemic has not harmed upscale consumers in the same way as average consumers. While certain merchants struggle to adapt, luxury goods (i.e., leather bags, watches and jewelry) continue to sell well in an increasingly strong market.
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Alibaba Blindsided by Upstart PinDuoDuo

Pinduoduo Inc., a five-year-old e-commerce app based in China that turns shopping into a game, has surpassed Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba in terms of users. Pinduduo ended 2020 with 788.4 million users compared to Alibaba’s 779 million.
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This news shows how quickly e-commerce supremacy can be upended and is a lesson for large incumbent players including Amazon. Challengers with something different to offer—in this case the opportunity for shoppers to congregate, browse and be entertained virtually—can take market share.

Episode 58: The Increasing Role of Corporations in Social Causes

This week on Commerce Code, we speak with Carl Preller, CEO of points4purpose, about how commerce loyalty is being reinvented around a new commerce theme with a conscience. Points4purpose is a fin-tech company that allows consumers to earn cashback when making purchases and then donate that cash to charities of the consumers choosing.

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