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Executive Leaders from companies including Collinson Valuedynamx, Pentadata, Thanks Again & Swapi explored card-linking and loyalty at the CardLinx Europe Forum. Leading card issuers, financial institutions, card-linked technology companies and digital marketing technology innovators came together at the CardLinx Europe Forum to share key industry insights. Top companies in attendance included Microsoft, Bank of America, Discover, Mastercard, UBS, PNC and many more.

Key Themes:

At this CardLinx Europe Forum, industry leaders discussed the theme of card-linking & loyalty and what drives interoperability and eliminates friction. These topics included: the evolution of loyalty commerce, how account-linking is the ultimate card-linking accessory, and the loyalty blueprint.

Keynote Speaker Lineup:

  • Collinson Valuedynamx: Guy Deslandes, Global Head of Business Development & Client Services
  • Pentadata & Thanks Again: Ester Shin, Head of Operations (Pentadata) and Ed Puckhaber, President & COO (Thanks Again)
  • Swapi: Pete Howroyd, CEO & Founder

Dan Currell, Conference Host & Managing Director at AdvanceLaw, kicked off the event setting the stage on card-linking and loyalty as well as a visual of evolution and integration. Guy Deslandes, Global Head of Business Development & Client Services at Collinson Valuedynamx, was our first speaker and shared his insights on the evolution of loyalty commerce. Ester Shin, Head of Operations at Pentadata, and Ed Puckhaber, President and COO at Thanks Again, shared their insights on how account linking is the ultimate card-linking accessory. Lastly, Pete Howroyd, CEO & Founder of Swapi, spoke about the loyalty blueprint. The event was filled with leading-edge insights to our members and the broader eCommerce and payments world. If you couldn’t attend this event, don’t miss our next one, our Digital Commerce Alliance Forum, in San Francisco, CA and also on Zoom, on March 22nd! Register Today! 

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