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Industry Standards

Boar Standard Revealed

By June 14, 2017January 28th, 2021No Comments
Standards boar

CardLinx’s first industry standard provides a tool for digital publishers to assign a specific order ID for a card-linked offer that can be used across multiple digital ¬†platforms, including websites and mobile apps. These insertion orders are essential to make sure card-linked offers are recognized and the discount is provided to the consumer automatically at checkout.

Problem Definition

Merchants and advertisers lack a method to provide a standard order to a digital publisher for an offer or coupon that will be linked to a payment card or payment credential. Merchants must develop specific terms for each offer and then that offer can only be delivered by a specific publisher.


The Boar Standard develops standard voluntary terms common for the industry enabling a merchant or advertiser to place one order per offer and have that offer published across multiple digital platforms including websites and mobile platforms. Commercial terms will be tied by specific order ID and are negotiated individually by the parties.

Working Group

The CardLinx member work group that established the Boar standard include:

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