2022 Annual Industry Study

Digital Commerce Alliance

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Key 2022 Findings

71.4% of respondents agreed that in the long term our economies were boosted by the pandemic.
More than 37% of respondents report that their Card-Linked programs grew by more than 100%.
Respondents’ agendas are focusing on ESG initiatives and professional growth.
Restaurants are back in the top 2 merchants for card-linking, followed by e-commerce.

What is the Industry Study?

Each year the Digital Commerce Alliance (DCA) conducts a definitive industry study. The project is undertaken as part of our organization’s charter to make digital commerce better for everyone through collaboration, best practices, and industry principles. By collecting and sharing data and insights from key players in the card-linking, financial data, and mobile wallets space, DCA enables the innovative, measurable, and mutually beneficial experiences consumers are looking for.

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